April 17, 2015 Poetry Friday post

So much to ponder this glorious day. But before pondering,

Poetry Friday today is hosted by

my pal with the perfect name,

haiku wrangler Robyn Hood Black, at her blog, Life on the Deckle Edge.


Days of Remembrance.

The White Rose resistance of teens against Hitler is on my mind

these days of Remembrance April 16-19.

And I have no book of poems for younger students on The Holocaust

to recommend. (Later in the post the poems from Terezin are mentioned.)


Bully Poems for the youngest?

An illustrated collection of poems about bullies, for the youngest

readers could be a start, if anyone knows such a collection. If not,

perhaps Poetry Friday should originate one. I would imagine subjects

of the poems would be bully-animals in the wild or at home,

top-cat, top-dog pets who scratch and bite the other family feline &

canine members. Perhaps.

Our bully is Ginger, who will not tolerate any other animals.


When the puppy visited

by Jan Godown Annino

Old Ginger cat arches at the door

stares down the







him back out the door



Remembrance References.

I hope any educator researching for their classroom can

look at award-winning former teacher Susan Campbell Bartoletti’s

HITLER’S YOUTH. This non-fiction 170-page photo-illustrated reference

not only documents what you would expect from the title, but also those

brave German non-Jewish teens who paid with their lives, by creating an underground in Hamburg and other locations.




Artwork & poems of the children and young people

held in the Czech concentration camp

called Terezin are presented with important contextual essays of the

history of the enclave in I NEVER SAW ANOTHER BUTTERFLY. It is for

teachers and older students and very ably illuminated at this school site.


It’s National Library Week.

I was able to hug not one, not two, but three favorite librarians recently

at the WordofSouth celebration of books and music. Where, I am proud to say

our StoryFort’s offerings including the sharing of student art submitted to our

regional Holocaust Resource Education Council.My hubby & I attended
other gre8t events, which I will cover here on another day.


Appreciate your family, your friends & your one & only life, this day & every day.






8 responses to “April 17, 2015 Poetry Friday post”

  1. So much to ponder here today, Jan – you have such a big heart and such a keen ear. Thank you for bringing to our attention the Days of Remembrance.
    –And you have a healthy sense of humor! As I mentioned in the Round-up, we have one of those bully (well, we call him “demon-possessed”) kitties too. 16 pounds worth.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s right – thanks for the reminder & for your kind words Robyn. Sometime when we get together again maybe we can have a storytelling throwdown & see if our stories of pet bullies “outbully” one another! Great weekend this glorious spring & thank you so very much for your splendiferous hosting of Poetry Friday. You’ve collected an array of enjoyable posters & I’m going to want to get ’round to as many as I can. Although several outdoors festivals & other events call to us this weekend. 🙂


      • post script on reply to Robyn! “that’s right” = that’s right about the pet bully part of your post. apologies for the way it sounds. Am so grateful for your kind words on the Remembrances part of my post..


  2. Cats are such formidable creatures — you have to admire that air of superiority. Wouldn’t want to mess with your Ginger, though :).

    Thanks for mentioning Bartoletti’s book. Will keep an eye out for it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jama, I am such a cat person, since child days (even tho we had an adorable daschund). And I think it’s their quality of being annoying & endearing at the same time. Like right now when I am fighting misspelling & keyboard kamikze stuff because Ginger is draped across my arms!

      I felt fortunate to meet S.C. Bartoletti at a Hollins University children’s lit. event. I began with her detailed photo-illustrated book for students on the Irish Potato famine (learning the U.S. Quakers helped out so very much to the extent that anyone could make a dent in the huger of the people.) & was hooked. Irish on my mother’s side so those topics pull me…

      Gre8t weekend to you this glorious spring! Cherry blossoms out there?


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