Make Way for Winter Walking

unnamedPoem below dusted the keyboard lightly after a flurry of false starts. (Appreciations to Carol Varsalona’s, Winter Whispers prompt)

( In icy snow and hot sand land, Poetry Friday links up weather zones, via Cathy Mere at


Make Way for Winter Walking 

by Jan Godown Annino

In my snow white winter meadow

paved with petals of a plant

that peeks,

then peaks in winter

hear the whispers of real weather –

winter in far Boston town


Dear one near the river Charles

hails from the simple winter –

winter of the warmer weather

snow white petals of camellia

blanketing the ground


Her beloved city slumbers

smothered in white snow blanket

and across the Charles River

silent ducklings poke from snow clothes


Make way for winter walking

©2015 Jan Godown Annino


Happy Valentine’s weekend to the dear one of this poem & to my Dear One & only.



15 thoughts on “Make Way for Winter Walking

  1. Oh, I love this, Jan 🙂 Such beautiful imagery. And I know you’ve gotten blasted by snow this winter. To be able to still see its beauty after all the shoveling, blowing and plowing is wonderful 🙂


  2. This is lovely, Jan! I can visualize it so well – the Charles, the Boston Public Garden, those wonderful bronze ducklings peeking their heads out from the snow. I’m just glad I no longer have to dig my car out from the frozen snow plow slush!


    • Hey there Linda.
      Thank you.
      I think I need to write in clearer fashion.
      Our dear one lives in her beloved in Boston (recent college grad. daughter) & we are the ones with the petal winter here in North Florida.
      Hope you are in a good clime & as always I’m so glad when you can stop by.


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