POETrees & an OCTOBER POETry Day

c. 2010 Douglas Florian POETREES

c. 2010 Douglas Florian POETREES

POETREES is an arbor picture book illustrated & written by Douglas Florian.

It cascades with leaves, trunks, roots and tree canopies.

As is delightfully typical with this poet, invented words are seeded to be found among the pages. One is “glossatree,” in the handy reference section.

POETRESS brings me to some exciting non-native woody towers that can flourish in South Florida that I miss occasionally here in North Florida,

where our chill winter & soil aren’t welcoming.  Some lines  from “Banyan” by Douglas Florian are –

 One thousand pillar roots spread wide,



                                    and roots in chorus

It’s not a tree –

It’s a forest!

C. 2010, all rights reserved, Douglas Florian

For more on POETREES, see Jama’s Alphabet Soup, March 12, 2010


On a different poetry topic,  my pal in the blogosphere, Suzy Leopold

reminds me of  the utterly wonderful

National Poetry Day. In October? Not April!

 It’s put on by our partners across the pond.

Makes me want to #thinkofapoem

Also, please know that today’s Poetry Friday roundup is tastefully hosted by the aforementioned, Jama’s Alpahbet Soup.


8 thoughts on “POETrees & an OCTOBER POETry Day

  1. Oh for the days when memorizing a poem was the norm. It was dying out even when I was a kid, but my mother could recite so many, including long involved poems like “Casey at the Bat.”
    Nice post as always Jan!


    • I luv it that we are Tree People together.
      And not only a wonderful book of poetry, but of his illustrations.

      Here is a happy poem today for you from Doug Florian. Pulled it off my shelf from a book I read in K a lot,

      BOW WOW MEOW MEOW (only he spells that in hist title lc)

      The Manx by Doug Florian

      Who always yanks
      the tail off the Manx?

      c. Doug Florian

      Liked by 1 person

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