Arnold Adoff’s LOVE LETTERS

It’s Valentine Time & Poetry Friday on Feb. 14, 2014,  all together in one big cookie.

For young readers in Kindergarten it will be lovely to share some verses from the picture book, LOVE LETTERS, by poet Arnold Adoff.

I will read the verses I know will get giggles, first.

But I think I will close the book with one for those minutes in school (or life) where we need a lift.

Dear Self:




How am I?




Fine I am: because

I am my

number one valentine.




~ Arnold Adoff

Arnold Adoff’s spacing is more poetic than I have represented above; my apologies because my keyboarding isn’t duplicating it.

Here is a previous Bookseedstudio post on the lovely LOVE LETTERS book, which shows off  images from the book’s artist,

a pal of mine in creative projects, Lisa Desimini:

Here at home my bizee hubby & I began celebrating Valentine’s Day last night.

We laughed for nearly two hours during the SPAMALOT musical.

I hope everyone finds a way to LOVEALOT, LAUGHALOT or even LIKEALOT.

There is more goodness at POETRY FRIDAY. hosted by TeacherDance.

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© copyright Bookseedstudio Jan GodownAnnino

© copyright Bookseedstudio
Jan GodownAnnino

7 thoughts on “Arnold Adoff’s LOVE LETTERS

  1. I used to read poems by Arnold Adoff to my children when they were young. Then we moved to the little town in Ohio where he still lives and his late wife, the renowned children’s author Virginia Hamilton, grew up. Small world!


    • This is a lovely comment.

      I glance at my shelves & see the poetry picture book set at school, LOVE LETTERS (illustrated by Lisa Desimini for Mr. Adoff) What a sweet anecdote you share.
      Thank you for visiting.

      And I am a fan of your book plates!


    • I may have even gifted it to FPL, as the illustrator of it is my pal…
      This Valentine Time 2014 was quite sublime. Glad you are back from the frozen North but I know you guys had a mighty fine time.


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