Asteroids, sheep, flower

I love where we live but this afternoon I have a strong urge to build a rocket and land it at the Morgan Library,

where our family has enjoyed hours among the giant rooms and manuscripts. Today I would dwell with materials curated by  Christine Nelson, about THE LITTLE PRINCE.

Since I won’t be doing that I’m pleased there are keystrokes and pixels to take me on a tour about how this book that enchanted me years ago and has not lost any charm, came to be.  The disappearance of the aviator /author/illustrator who gave his life while fighting against the Nazis is also covered. As are his New York City locales during his creation of the manuscript.

Maybe you will want to head to these starry Saint-Exupery sites  with me. THE LITTLE PRINCE appeared in

U.S.A.bookstores (1943) before arriving in his native France (1946.)



THE NEW YORK TIMES – In His Footsteps

THE NEW YORK TIMES – 70 Years On, Magic Concocted in NYC


2 responses to “Asteroids, sheep, flower”

  1. Ever since I learned that one of our cousins in Italy is planning their first baby’s nursery around Saint-Exupery’s THE LITTLE PRINCE artwork & sky elements for the walls & ceiling, it isn’t far from my thoughts. Then through my daily comforting ritual of my hand moving between the rustle of the print newspapers & the lift of the cuppa mate tea or green tea (if needed, the jolting caffeine content of organic, fair-trade coffee) I found the story about The Morgan. I’m pleased it pleases you.


  2. Jan, I always feel as if your reach is so much greater than mine. You lift your head, look around, and find things I don’t. Thanks for putting those things in my path, ensuring that I see them. And isn’t it wonderful that a story like “The Little Prince” can take on a life of its own, making the too-short life of its author forever meaningful?


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