Hi folks.

I’m in an end- of- summer game, with a bunch of hard-charging writers.

It’s a bit of a hop around the block.

I am hopping after author JOAN BROERMAN  asked me to join this lively conga line.

Instead of stepping feet, we talk about steps in writing. My ideas are below, mainly as notes. It’s lively, to join the dance!

Elements in My Dance of Writing

Hardest movements to follow  – after an initial starburst of an idea, completing a story

How writing process works – Find deadlines through contests, writing partners or writing challenges, if there isn’t a contract with a deadline in play, to get ideas into story form.
For example, this summer I appreciated completing a first week of July drill, of writing 7 picture book drafts in 7 days (W.O.W. Week of Writing created by Kristen Fulton.)

Thanks to a global note from author  Gigi Pandian (ARTIFACT) I registered for a July writing challenge with the Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) folks. This end- of- July deadline & the camp community boosted my work to about 5,200 words in a middle-grade novel that I think will be a keeper. I’m also in two online writing accountability groups, in addition to my regular critique group that meets in my home.

Working on – a middle-grade mystery, non-fiction picture books, poetry, & an adult traditional (cozy) mystery. 

Since part of my work is to read, widely, I’m reading as many new authors as I can & returning to favorite story & poem collections.  Plus, I like to settle on the sofa with the printed version of the daily news.

Experiences influencing my writing – learning, in decades of news writing work, that
everyday people prove to be more adventurous, spontaneous and amazing than established leaders news reporters are sent to, for comments.
On the flip side, some of those everyday people I interviewed were convicted criminals! Working the police beat you talk with all kinds of folks. Those interviews, both inside & outside prison/jail, are a boost for writing mysteries. Community news writing, if you can snare a coveted spot with your local newspaper (print or online), radio, or TV,  is a great catalyst for all sorts of elements of the dance of writing.

 Joan, I hope you like the results of your hop – thanks again!

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  1. We all travel blind in this process, don’t we? We hold our hands out in front of us hoping we get to touch a part of the elephant we can describe. Good luck to you and me both–and to anyone with the audacity to put a story on paper.


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