May Days of Book Play

My cat isn’t literary.

He drapes his tube body of orange-ginger fur across my belly as I fall into the latest page turner (in this case a journal, The Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Journal of Florida Literature). And, I decide that the smile Ginger’s mouth makes, is from absorbing my joy in reading.

Each spring I am reminded that beginning readers are full of joy for reading.

These big readers and future writer pixies have  ways to let me know they are well-launched into becoming among the billions on the planet who will always love literature.

Always. Love. Literature.

I visit regularly all school year  in first grade. Their devoted teachers read to them in school. But literature comes alive even more,  if a real, live published writer visits and share excitement for the power of words.

Near  the end of the school  students I spend time with sent drawings & love letters. (below_

Fur first, In celebration of the literature world’s annual CHILDRENS’ BOOK WEEK our local library was very involved and listed.

As a salute to the high energy program that puts me in schools, BOOKPALS, please know about:

Now, some gems from a gigantic group of literary love letters, with creative spellings included.



“Book Bear Book Bear, come (com) out!”

With this, the child drew a purple Book Bear puppet, which I bring to each reading session. The bear puppet reads to his little pal, Kitty, while I read with the children.

“”Thank you for using the silly voices (voicees). When you use those voices (vosies), I would feeling a so good feeling.”

“Thank you for wearing costumes and for taking out book bear and kitty. “

“Thank you for reading funny books.”

“I love all the things you did for us! I love it when you wear costumes! And I love it when you helped us learn a lot this year!”

“Thank you for helping us learn more about reading. Because you read like an author.”

“When you read about the Dog Detective (Ditectiv) it was a good book. Thank you for using silly voices.”

“Thank you for all the wonderful books you read us but my favorite was Splat the Cat.”

“LOVE! books.”

“My favorite book is The Bed Book.”

“What I like about you you read good books.”

Their joy in the deliciousness of words tickles me.  I hope the children will enjoy a summer full of good words, because our  library system has such a fun summer-long program planned.

And  older siblings or grownups – please help young ones ride the bus, or walk or drive, to our wonderful main library and branches. Or perhaps they will be reading in their school’s summer camp. Or, even at home…. I know a neighborhood  in town that is lucky enough to have a grass-roots, kids, street library:

2 thoughts on “May Days of Book Play

  1. The notes from the kids are the best, original spellings and all. (Actually, the original spellings are much better than the plain old predictable correct spellings us adults are stuck with).


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