Six Images of Italy – after a once in a lifetime holiday

images c. Jan Godown Annino, all rights reserved

Dr. Seuss trees in RomeImage

The Coliseum cat, Nero, a friend of our fabulous night guide Federica from Dark Rome Tours.


The Vatican cat, who my daughter spied during the visit with our fabulous night guide Diamendo.


Comforting words in Italy, easing guilt for my poor Italian vocab.


On one of our night walks – Venice.


Dr. Seuss stairs to marvel over in Cinque Terre!


Now, my morning sip is a particular green tea.

I wrinkle my nose at most seafood (fresh stone crab claws & Gulf of Mexico fresh shrimp, excepted) or wild meats.

I snap whole grain spaghetti into the pot here at home & sprinkle soy or rice cheese for topping on my portion.

So why the big grin on my face following three weeks of cappuccino (even espresso) mornings in Italy? Followed later by real lunches complimented with heavy dinners (antipasti, first course of pasta, main course, side dish, dessert) that begin after 8 & nights that end at 2 a.m.?

I loved eating & traveling Italian style for three weeks, although the squid-ink black pasta I bought in our Siena, Italy grocery store will not darken my pot;   my Italian mother-in-law in Florida will have fun with that.

After this dreamstate anniversary, birthday, mother’s day, fathers day, Italian ferie, ferie, ferie (holiday, holiday, holiday) trip, my neurons are firing well, on Europe time.

Today I woke up at 2:30 a.m.  & have been working since 3:30 a.m.  still without a nap now at 7:30 p.m.  I’m reading blogs I’ve missed, checking in on facebook & seeing in gosh-wonderful print, a book I’ve enjoyed in workshop, my critique partner’s newly released novel from Turtle Cove Press

There’s a June deadline to pay attention to for an online journal article.

I’m cutting paper for my signature recycled bookmarks to give out at Monday’s panel on writing books at our local library.

Click to access Author-flyer-CBW2013.pdf

And the next day I get gussied up & read lively picture books with one of my favorite first grades via BookPals, which I’m so proud to be part this week of in our 20th anniversary national celebration.

We are cosseted back at home with a healthy pasta salad from my dear friend, neighbor and critique partner, Ann. Our street is green, my roses are abloom in the front & back, my blueberries have so far stayed on the bush & the lemons are no longer pungent tiny flowers. They morphed into cute little green ovals while we were off in serious citrus land,  quenching thirst with fresh blood red orange juices, squeezed before our eyes in lively bars.

The cat is healthy, the longest lived aquarium fish is alive & I treated the red rat snake to a fine meal (details withheld.)

My travel doodles, meal notes, impressions of Italy are jotted. Ideas for writing poured out the last days before we left our borrowed Rome garden for own garden at home. I still feel as if I’m traveling, in my own city, even in my own yard, where I am,  Happy To Be Here.



2 responses to “Returning”

  1. Bravo! How wonderful that you and Paolo made the trip to Italy. Like Paolo, my ancestry at least on my maternal side, is 100% Italian. It is good to go, and cood to come home again. Welcome back!


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