Hats on for a cat

In towns tiny and cities cavernous, listeners and readers are lining up   to celebrate the creative chileren’s books of Theodor Seuss Geisel, the Cat-in-the -Hat man. 

March 2, 1904 was the day of his birth. The place was Springfield, MA, which as we all would imagine, gives a rollicking good party for the memory of dear  Dr. Seuss. Just look at the end of my words,  for a Springfield, MA Seussical cake concoction! Yum.

I will wear my Cat-in-The-Hat like hat & read his rhymes, my hope is to be sublime, to students as part of a school and BookPALS celebration. And many others will enjoy the same kind of silliness to honor the man’s memory.

At the end of the day I hope to sit down with a treat- my copy of, Dr. Seuss From Then to Now, a compendium catalogue from 1986, of images and words about Mr. Geisel, who lived an interesting life in advertising and magazine work before he became a special editor at Random House. (In the recent obituaries for children’s book creator Jan Berenstain, you probably read comments that Geisel – editor  of the bear books produced by Jan and her late husband, Stan – made through the years. )

The hardcover catalogue I’ll read at home accompanied a San Diego Museum of Art retrospective exhibit of the work of the Geisel genius. I can’t yet read it with my eyes shut, perhaps someday I will.


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5 responses to “Hats on for a cat”

  1. The Leon County Reading Council served Green Eggs and Ham at Applebees. I never would have guessed that so many members of our community owned tall red and white striped hats exactly like the cat’s, but they do.

    Sadly, green eggs taste exactly like the regular kind if you close your eyes.


    • Thanks for writing Kirsten.
      I enjoyed a bizee Friday editing at the keyboard, but fortunately I was also able to read THE LORAX, anyhow. (photo now posted above.)

      Do you like to use the World Cat (World Catalog or WorldCat.org) to locate resource materials.
      It’s a neat tool that I didn’t know about forever . Now it’s like 2nd nature. I can’t remember where I learned of it, perhaps at Hollins University, which specializes in children’s literature classes.

      This info below might take you a copy of that catalogue in a library near you.


      • Oooh, thanks of the tip. I will check out WorldCat. I am blessed in that the LA County system is pretty extensive. And, the University of Phoenix (where I teach occasionally) has access to many online materials.


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