American Indian Perspectives on Thanksgiving

If you are not of American Indian/Native American heritage, have you still ever wondered what some of your  impressions & ideas might be about the holiday, if you were a member of a Tribe? Courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of the American Indian, which I always like to visit first whenever I am fortunate enough to be in D.C., here are some thoughts. I hope your Thanksgiving is the best, ever.


2 thoughts on “American Indian Perspectives on Thanksgiving

  1. You & Ray are those rare in-touch with the soil folks, like my own parents when I was a mere seddling, who value the soil tilled, the seed planted, the bugs & weeds pulled, the fruit, veggie & flowers carried home in the basket – treasures well-earned. Happy 2012!


  2. We humans have become so stupid. We’ve largely lost our connection to the land. The gratitude expressed in the line:

    We gather all the Plant Foods together as
    one and send them a greeting of thanks,

    nearly broke my heart. We no longer have the deep respect and knowledge of the natural world that once made our existence sustainable.

    Thanks for the post Jan. It makes me want to go right out to my vegetable garden and express my heart-felt gratitude.


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