From George W. to Joseph B.

When not yet 16, George Washington copied 41 rules of civil behavior, (scroll down if  a list of site topics precede this), at least one of which, I violated Halloween Weekend. After a day that began early I nodded  off at night  during a top-drawer, well-staged & otherwise eye-popping theater performance. I woke quickly so it wasn’t a continuing violation. I offer the ideals our future first President took fountain pen to inkwell for, in hopes they are a timely diversion in this month of  dining & socializing & imbibing for Thanksgiving.    And I am thankful for being directed to them, by The Village Square.  (item #2) Continuing in a spirit of thankfulness I offer a bridge to structured versions of two of my favored anonymous ways of showing thankfulness, and also offer this kind group  , which codify some of the serendipity path- of- life ways to love neighbor, community & World.

ALSO – If you look for children’s books that aren’t of the November turkey- dinner fare variety,  please consider CIRCLE OF THANKS and SQUANTO’s JOURNEY, both from Joseph Bruchac.

Enjoy, be thankful.

2 thoughts on “From George W. to Joseph B.

  1. Can you try once more?
    The link is to Colonial Williamsburg – I should have said that! Then you scroll down past all the words in blue (patriotic blue) & you reach the manners list copied by President Washington.
    Thanks for writing!


  2. Darn it Jan! The link to George W’s rules of civil behavior didn’t work. I wanted to see what they were and whether we were observing any of them anymore. (I was, however, relieved to learn that the George W. I had in mind was not the one you had in mind),


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