social studies

Maps & globes. The state’s symbols. Our national landmarks & parks & wild places. The people who farmed, fished, created artwork & lived off the land before the time of Columbus. And, everything that happened after that.

Such as the people like my Dad, who , as a boy, worked on a tiny 3-legged stool, in a barn lit by a kerosene lantern.

If these topics make your heart beat fast, you may love Social Studies.

A separate subject, accompanired in years past with huge, vivid color pull-down maps on sturdy maple wood poles. Today the maps are downloaded with ease. And the spot on Earth studied is zoomed into by digital devices that delight me each time I play with them. Amazing,

I remember home walls that were map magnets. Mainly maps from the National Geographic magazine . But a special auto road map would be taped up (taped!), too.

Whether you are a card-carrying social studies type or, like me, you enjoy your own study,  here is a social studies oriented link about Betty Mae Tiger Jumper.


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