april 1, 2011 – april 6, 2011 kid lit 4 japan auction # 74 & “oooooops!”

Two thoughts.

The writer who created at this desk, used them!


In honor of April Fool’s Day, a fabulous site that I never plan to erase, Teaching Authors ,

offers this end-of-the-pencil point of view, worth a look any day for those of us who make mistakes & revise & edit & fiddle & fix & revise & erase…

enjoy! many thanks to the continually delightful TEACHING AUTHORS. ( hint: be sure to follow the links)


Please bid on AUCTION ITEM # 74 74 74 74 74 74 at

Kid Lit 4 Japan

Auction #74
From Friday 4/1 @ 10:00AM EDT to Wednesday 4/6 @ 10:00AM EDT
Jan Godown Annino: autographed copy, SHE SANG PROMISE: The Story of Betty Mae Jumper, Seminole Tribal Leader
Value: $30

This is signed by artist Lisa Desimini & myself, our picture book biography about Betty Mae Tiger Jumper, titled:  She Sang Promise.

It is the Florida Book Awards new gold winner, a Notable Trade Book for the Social Studies, & an Amelia Bloomer Project Top 10 of the ALA.

Lisa is excited about signing it also, although I’m not sure that detail is on the site.  Bidding on our item #  74  begins Friday April 1.

The bidding ENDS WEDNESDAY April 6, 2011.

So be sure to check in often! And please spread the word about this wonderful auction site,  Kid Lit 4 Japan.

Its a gallery of art work, critiques offered, book swag & signed editions & more.

And a bit more – get well greetings go out  to  Kid Lit 4 Japan’s overtaxed creator, who has been taken over by the true flu. Best wishes Gregory!

Heal well. You have done such a fine thing with

Kid Lit 4 Japan.

your thoughts? please leave a comment, to pop up after moderator o.k. thank you.

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