get a book, give a book

News here, of  2 book auction/give-aways I’m promoting.

KIDLIT 4 JAPAN consists of children’s book creators, coordinated by Greg R. Fishbone.

badge from Edna CabCabin Moran
badge from Edna CabCabin Moran

You bid. And  re-bid – to  win the entries.

Auction money collected will assist in relief efforts needed as a result of this month’s tsunami in northeast Japan.

Details, at the site.

My submission is a picture book biography of Betty Mae Tiger Jumper, SHE SANG PROMISE.

Good luck to us all. (When I checked, it seems as if each day, new ones will go up. Not sure which day of the 14 days, for SHE SANG PROMISE.

I intend to win some goodies,.

I may keep a gem I win, for my collection.

But I’m thinking also to gift a book to a school where I volunteer.

And also, to give one for re-auction, in the Hollins University summer graduate program in children’s lit.

from The Fourth Musketeer & Shelf-Employed


And as some of you already know, this month I’m parked (March 6, 2011) over at the site that two firecrackers, disguised as librarian types, update every day.

This is a give-away. No auction.

You leave a suggested title on an American Indian/First Peoples/Native American topic for K-12, in a comment box at the March 6, 2011 post about SHE SANG PROMISE: The Story of Betty Mae Jumper, Seminole Tribal Leader.

Then at the end of the month, one poster receives 2 copies of SHE SANG PROMISE.

One is for you, the poster. The other copy is sent to the library of your choice.

Seeet, no?  Many thanks if you can participate.


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