My dear Dad was fond of Old Order Amish sayings & stories, or at least, sayings & stories he passed off, as Old Order Amish.

These folks were  not the people he was from, being himself  mainly French Huguenot & British. But he had hung around them. One yarn he trotted out, returning from some family event such as a holiday party in the November through end of January days, carried a punchline like this:

Old Order Amish One: “Sometimes Brother, I think everyone in ‘dis world is crazy, but  for Thee & Me.”

Old Order Amish Two: “Yah, that’s true enough, Brother.”

{nice enough pause}

Old Order Amish One: ” And sometimes, Brother, I do I wonder about Thee.”

CRAZY by Han Nolan

Crazy may be something your family or extended family, or the family of someone you love in a huge way, pursues in the bad way, not the charmed way.

And  you may be inserting yourself into those crazy situations between now & the end of January, where you may be coping with the uncharmed, uncute, kind of crazy.  Pick up a new novel from author Han Nolan,  CRAZY.

To write in detail is to give up many spoilers in a fast-paced story that sprints & twists & zings about the area of suburban Washington, D.C. But you will become familiar with the Dad who doesn’t take his meds, the son who doesn’t share anything with the world about his crazy family & the pals who form a second family and bring the son, their new pal, Jason, back into the world of the un-guilty. Once you know about this book, if your world brings you in contact at home or at school or at work with the crazy in a bad way, it’d be almost crazy not to get straight to a library or bookstore & read CRAZY. (Better to buy it if you can & support bookstores.) I especially liked the character, Shelby, & of course, our hero, Jason.

This commentary on the new novel, CRAZY by Han Nolan, is dedicated to the National Center for Youth Law, which advocates 24/7 on behalf of foster kiddos & other adults-before-their-time, who deserve & need, help out of harm’s way.

If you want information about this book try here.

CRAZY by Han Nolan, 2010 from

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