NaNoWriMo 2010

(UPDATE ALERT – see below.)

Perhaps the season made me do it.

I’m be-witched by the allure of an assembly of writers around the world each attempting to write a novel in a month.

It’s crazee. I have too much travel in November. And other deadlines, such as my thesis that is patient in waiting for my work on it.

I’m onboard for the first time ever with the folks at the Office of Letters and Light, collecting an armload of books for a good cause, donating my $10 to get my halo. And yes, writing many, many words every day  the 30 days of November.

At the end of November, pls check back here for my National Novel Writing Month foloup, an honest reckoning post.

UPDATE , Nov. 10, 2010 – as an official PICTURE BOOK REBEL at NANOWRIMO I pledged to write four new picture books this month & to come up with a picture book idea a day.

This week my critique partners read my 1st of four promised new picture book manuscripts for Novemeber. And they liked it, I have to say. It  benefited from the long trip-time home, after catalytic visits with librarians at the 2010 F.A.M.E, (Florida Association of Media Educators) conference.  This new p.b. manuscript is an Easter story.

I have 8 new p.b. ideas for the November contest, and since I write this update on Nov. 10, I should by now have created 10 ideas. (one a day.)  Not too shabby – I’m giving myself major points for  the entire p.b. (draft) manuscript. There is a charm  to this famed contest, after all. Many thanks to the Office of Letters and Light.


2 responses to “NaNoWriMo 2010”

  1. This is a great way to accomplish a first draft. As Charlie Brown said, “I work well under pressure…and there’ll be lots of pressure…if I wait until tomorrow…”

    I look forward to the honest reckoning to come! You go Jan!


    • Can you try again?
      It seems to work. This heads to a Colonial Williamsburg site, scroll down along past the list of blue items. You’ll get there, I’m sure.
      Thanks for reading & writing!


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