shrimp 101


I can barely remember that I once wouldn’t eat shrimp.

But  I am also someone who once, wouldn’t eat tiramasu.  Now I relish shrimp, especially like this:

Yum in the making.

We are enjoying local, fresh-caught seafood at Stinky’s, Barnacle Bill’s & other reliable kitchens, such as our own (above) unless we retrieve solid, gulf oil disaster/BP/Deep Horizion -related reasons, not to.

Back to SHRIMP.

Cruising by today is the newest book from Jack Rudloe & Anne Rudloe, Florida scientists & writers & genuine personalities on the ecological battlefront in North Florida, who have been married to each other umpteen years & certainly enough that their youngest son is now running things at the famous Panacea institution that I think must have invented touch tanks, Gulf Specimen Laboratory.

In response to their new book SHRIMP: The Endless Quest for Pink Gold, Florida writers besides myself agree this deserves your attention.

Randy White,  a Gannett colleague of mine eons back at the The News-Depressed (Fort Myers News Press) who now serves shrimp in his own island restaurant that has grown from his appealing Doc Ford character in umpteen popular mystery books, blurbs thusly:

“Jack and Ann Rudloe aren’t just Florida literary treasures, they are national treasures. Their most recent work – Shrimp- is among their best – and that is very good, indeed!” RANDY WAYNE WHITE

And  from pink crustacean expert J. Buffett:

” Most humans are said to be composed 90% of water, but for those of us who grew up on the Gulf of Mexico, I think that other 10% must be shrimp. The Rudloes leave the Living Dock behind for a voyage to the land of Pink Crustaceans, and I for one am happy to be aboard for that voyage.”  JIMMY BUFFETT

The Rudloes travel around the world touring shrimp farms. After reading this report,  you understand that imported shrimp isn’t something you want to consume. It’s not only about the dubious quality of the food, but about the destruction of wetlands, to create the shrimp farms around the world.

As biologists, the Rudloes let us in on all things shrimp. They take us aboard a shrimp boat to see how the gems are collected.

They discuss these cute carnivores (I misunderstood that shrimp were vegetarian) in all ways – from  their common names (if you only know pink & rock & jumbo shrimp you are in for a surprise: opossum shrimp , coon-striped shrimp, pistol shrimp & more) to their biology & life cycle, to  the precarious status of clean water environments.

With 4,000 shrimp species to cover, it’s a lot of territory but Jack & Ann Rudloe serve SHRIMP,  deliciously,

When I tell you that this book is indexed and expertly sourced, you will see why any marine biology, coastal or seafood enthusiast needs this on the bookshelf.


ISBN 978.0.13.700972.5

Pearson Education/FT Press


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