Teens Read Too! author M.R. Street

Teens Read Too is an online community where YA authors meet their young readers & not so young readers, such as myself.

Aug. 19 a novel I know & enjoy, BLUE ROCK RESCUE, is to be featured at Teens Read Too along with the creative gal who wrote it, M.R. Street. This fast-paced story set in the mountains has already captured a 5 star review at the Teens Read Too site.

My conflict of interest is that we are pals, partners in writing & fans of dark chocolate. M.R. also opens up her rural retreat, The Cove, for occasional writing workshops, which I’ve attended with good results. So, my bias is bigtime for this writer. That said, please do visit


on Aug. 19 for the BLUE ROCK RESCUE day. You can already read the site’s review at


Begin to get to know the book BRR & author, today:


An Author to Know in Florida

Today’s guest at Bookseedstudio is close to home here in Florida.
She is middle grade writer M.R. Street, author of BLUE ROCK RESCUE.

We are excited that the lively online source Teens Read Too, which
recommends BRR,  is hosting M.R. on THURSDAY August. 19th at


Here is my review of BRR, from the WorldCat:

WorldCat User Reviews
Softball, darts, a swimming hole, & two horses by the bus stop
by bookseedstudio (WorldCat user published 2009-07-01) Excellent Permalink

How often do we find a book that boys and girls will take to, like
free cherry licorice from the country store?

BLUE ROCK RESCUE is that fine story, set in a masculine mountain
household where Andy is trying to forget everything out in the horse
barn. And down at the swimmin’ hole …

Along comes a new kid on the Blue Ridge, Trudy, whose scientist

parents have instilled in her a love of the outdoors – except for


How the two middle school neighbors meet & mingle, & how the other
kids react to his new pal, an athletic girl who is also smart, tumbles
this smoothly flowing story along to a twisting & dangerous turn of
events .

This is an ideal read for outdoorsy country kids who are finding a
path between old and new friends. Or for city readers with a yen for
rural ramblings.

A favorite passage:

” ‘You think you’re better than everybody, but you’re not,” Sheryl
continued. “You stink!”

Roscoe’s shoe hit the edge of the curb and he lost his footing. He
pinwheeled his arms, but couldn’t regain his balance.

“Oomph,” he said, as he landed in the pile of manure.

“She’s right, I think,” Nathan said, bending close to Roscoe and sniffing.

BLUE ROCK RESCUE is from an author who is also a horsewoman and her
knowledge of things equine , plus her zest for life, shine through
this delightful story.

Our interview today:


M.R. I have to ‘fess up & admit I, the reviewer above at WorldCat, am
a partisan, as your devoted critique partner.
But I do have one probing question.  Why would a Florida gal set a
first novel so far afield from the Sunshine State?

Hi, Jan!  First, thank you for interviewing me for your blog.  I love to
talk about my stories.  Yes, I am a native and life-long Floridian, but I
have always loved the mountains of North Carolina.  My grandparents had a
cabin there, and I spent a lot of wonderful summer weeks among the hemlocks
and garnet rocks, peaking under stones in Cattail Creek for baby salamanders
and crawdads, learning how to clog at a huge dance hall, reading on the
front porch with the sound of the creek rushing by in the background, and
otherwise enjoying the Blue Ridge.


What is your connection with horses, which are a big part of this story?

Like most girls, I loved horses growing up.  My grandfather always told the
three of us kids, “I’m going to buy you a horse.”  My mother, the original
spin doctor, would come behind him and say, “He means, he’d like to be able
to buy you a horse.”  When my sister and I were 14, Granddaddy actually
bought us an American Quarterhorse gelding.  Although I love riding, I admit
that my expert in matters of horsiness is my sister (who gets a nod in the
acknowledgements in Blue Rock Rescue).  She has a Quarterhorse ranch not far
from my home, and we ride as often as possible.  I fell in love with one of
her foals, a beautiful sorrel filly, and that horse is now my mare, Juni.


What are your own experiences with river swimming, which also figures here?

The swimming hole in Blue Rock Rescue is based on Tater Hole, although
nobody that I know of ever drowned or nearly drowned there.   This swimming
hole is on Cattail Creek, a spring-fed mountain creek, and that means COLD.
The water is crystal-clear, so you can see all the slippery river rocks that
you must walk across to get to the huge boulder on the other side.  At Tater
Hole and various other points on the creek, I’ve also done the ole slip and
slide (both intentional and unintentional) down bumpy boulders, with chilly
splashdowns in swimming holes.  The water rushes all around you, the
hemlocks form a sun-speckled canopy, and the whole experience is


How do you want readers to feel, when they close the book on that last page?

I want them to feel that friendships are awesome, even if they don’t turn
out just the way you think they’re going to.  I hope they will feel that
they have strength inside them that they don’t even realize.  I hope
they’ll want to visit the mountains if they’ve never been — or if they are
familiar with the Apalachians, I hope they’ll think, “That’s exactly what I
love about the mountains!”


Many thanks for your time today & we’re looking forward to Aug. 19 at
TEENS READ TOO! plus all the good events for BLUE ROCK RESCUE

that are sure to be ahead for it.

your thoughts? please leave a comment, to pop up after moderator o.k. thank you.

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