an author in alabama to know

Joan Broerman is godmother to many writers, both inside & outside of the Society of Children’s Book Writer & Illustrators, where she nurtured new talent for thousands of days moving into a decade, i’m guessing, as regional advisor.

These days she still nurtures new talent, but has more time to also revise her own work & tackle new projects.

I caught up with her when she had some down time from a poetry picture book manuscript revsion.

Bookseedstudio:  Have you got a book title to share with us – one that wil answer probing questions,  surture sloppy manuscripts, & be just the ticket for weekend reading?


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Publishing Children’s Books by Harold D. Underdown is a solid summary of the basics. It covers the range from submitting to publishing to marketing and career building. The publishing world is a bit like a backyard trampoline these days with some jumping high and others bouncing a time or two and falling off. Underdown’s website The Purple Crayon keeps writers updated.

Bookseedstudio: Is there something you’ve always wanted to do outside writing…?


Since I was ten, I’ve wanted to sit in the press box at a University of Louisville Cardinals home basketball game.

Bookseedstudio: Name or describe something that scared you silly as a child.


I was stuck at the very top of a Ferris wheel at the county fair while the operator went out to lunch. I was about six. My dad was with me and turned it into a teachable moment, but heights are still not my thing.

Bookseedstudio: What word are you dying to work into something you are writing?

A word I like to use in schools when I do author’s visits is “primogeniture.” When I explain what it is, 3rd and 4th graders especially say, “Not fair!” It’s the law of inheritance which gives everything to the first born son. Alabama, the subject of one of my books, was settled by second sons who moved westward from the colonies because their older brothers inherited the lands of their fathers. And what about girls? Provocative word, yes?

Thanks for asking, Jan. You’ve given me ideas for the future.

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