book week book week book week

Children’s Book Week 2010 arrives soon. We will learn which books & which author win, in the annual poll of children, arranged by the Children’s Book Council.  This report covers a few bookish events in prelude to Children’s Book Week, May 10-17. SEALEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL “Young Authors Conference” Sealey is blessed with 15 (FIFTEEN!!!) library volunteers. Media maven Lenita Joe makes sure that each treasured volunteer  gets a color book jacket with their name on it, on a billboard in the hallway outside the media center. Inside the library, I especially like that globes are everywhere. And it’s easy to find the biography section. 🙂 Writers visit for the annual Young Authors Conference. And it’s always time for books at Sealey (& sometimes there’s a moment for pizza, for readers who are great writers!) Congratulations to the Sealey Seals &

the Young Authors recently honored for their fabulous, illustrated fiction & non-fiction stories.

ST. MARKS WILDLIFE REFUGE “Reading in the Refuge” takes place in a world like no other. The Refuge on the Gulf of Mexico ( volunteers are signing up to help if the BP oil deluge reaches into refuge waters  here) is known worldwide for its alligators & whooping cranes. And it’s fitting that nature books are lovingly showcased in a nook of the Visitor Center.

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