intentions 2010

With cinnamon sugar bagel bites as nibbles,  SCBWI                                                                       

members sat around a table at a bagel shop this week to

chomp on 2010 writing goals.

Writers will send material off to freelance editor Paula

Morrow &  will tackle a class offered online by

Anastasia Seun.  Conferences will be attended.

Submissions will be made to Highlights and Cobblestone.

Book editors met at conferences will continue to receive

manuscripts from our zip code. And so on.

A straw hat was passed.

We each put our name in &  picked a name

out.  We have committed to boosting the writer whose

name we drew. Maybe that means yodeling at their

door when they win an acceptance. Or composing

a rhyme when they are behind their self-created


Roses are red

violets are blue

With a writing pace such as yours

Who will ever read you.

Of course that refers to me.


your thoughts? please leave a comment, to pop up after moderator o.k. thank you.

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