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One response to “Palmistry”

  1. Palm + Artistry = Palmistry

    Palm is the rooftop material of the chickee, a raised platform building, open to the four winds, typical of some landscapes of South Florida.
    When Seminole Indians were forced further south in the peninsula, during the encroachment of pioneers into the region, creation of the chickee was an adaptive response to the habitat.

    Today chickee-builders are kept busy putting a modified version of them, like a “tiki hut” by backyard pools.

    These palm leaves are on their way to becoming rooftops, for a set of miniature chickees.
    The plan is that miniature chickees and some other items will be in treasure packets for classes, as part of the educational outreach for SHE SANG PROMISE, a picture book about a Seminole Indian leader, to be released in Spring 2010,from National Geographic.

    SHE SANG PROMISE: The Story of Betty Mae Jumper, with afterword by Moses Jumper, Jr.
    48 pages of illustrations, with endpapers, by Lisa Desimini.
    written by Jan Godown Annino


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