About Animals 13


The idea of an Animal Radio has a whale of appeal.

The host would be a smooth-voiced penguin, appropriately bibbed for publicity shots. The tech working sound would be a mockingbird, able to improvise with all special effects required.  The valuable team member working the phones would be an ocotpus, with eight arms able to punch up any caller.  Then there would be the publicist, a cat, & I think the ideal caterer is going to be a cute pink pig, who will keep a buffet fresh in the background. Then there is the advertising staffer, a Type A bull dog.  Plus the human resources worker, a sweet basset hound. Let’s not forget the night bookeeper,  a wise owl.

Animal Radio exists.

Without the free buffet, publicist or star penguin. It’s the work of Judy Francis & Hal Abrams who are a longtime radio duo worthy of star billing. They broadcast to two million viewers & manage to wrangle on-air moments with Betty White, Ed Asner, Patti Smith,  Bob Barker  & more animal advocates.  They have expert vet advice, updates on animal food recalls & book reviews.   They were formerly with Best Friends, have been interested in animal issues for years & are fun folks with whom to trade animal tales.  I know because I think they will be airing something soon on Florida’s Famous Animals. Stay tuned.


 And please tell them Ginger sent you.


your thoughts? please leave a comment, to pop up after moderator o.k. thank you.

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