About Animals 11


The little owl ended up on a roadway in need of help.

She was picked up by a tourist and handed along until she found her way to one wildlife sanctuary for immediate care and then, another for continued help. She had been somehow injured and unable to return to a wild life. 

Before long, the owl, now called Maya,  was world-famous, having been photographed by a  New York City photographer on assignment in Florida, and having appeared in an Austrailian based website about owls.

Maya’s  story (with a mis-identified photo of another fine owl, Red, my apologies!) is told in Florida’s Famous Animals, a new book of stories of human interaction with 13 real animals that lived in Florida. 

It is hoped that this group of animal tales (& tails) will inspire students to think about careers in working with animals. 

For more info on Maya’s caretakers


for a tribute to Red, found as a baby with an injured wing and taken care of for 14 years until his death in 2006, see the 5th page at


Other owl info


www.cfbw.com   www.nature.org/initiatives/programs/birds/features

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